Customs Brokers to the Nation

Who We Are

Transbrokerage Services Limited (TBSL) is a Private Limited Liability Company registered in the year 2000 with 100% local ownership operating as a Customs Brokerage Agency operating under the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our mission is to provide the best customer service to our clients by harnessing the knowledge and expertise of our employees while maintaining strategic relationships and integrity under the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago in keeping with our motto “Customs Brokers to the Nation”.

We Clear Cargo within 24 hours

Why Choose Us?

Transbrokerage Services Limited (TBSL) differentiates itself through Convenience by dropping off and picking up documents on behalf of the clients at shipping agents and through the delivery of loose cargo to customer and business residences.

TBSL also differentiates itself on Quality of service by providing empathy and assurance to customers through individualized attention, courtesy and through effective communication on status of shipments in a timely manner to clients.

In addition, the company competes on Response by facilitating the speedy on time delivery of goods from the relevant ports of call in Trinidad and Tobago to the customer’s warehouse or place of residence.

Our Services

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance of imported and exported goods and returning nationals

Freight Forwarding & Logistics

Freight Forwarding and Logistics and Procurement Services

Consultancy Services & More

Consultancy services, expediting shipments by contracting with local shipping agents & more..

Our Strategic Relationships

” Building strategic relationships is important in our environment “

TBSL outsources its transport and haulage needs to its sister company Transhaulage Services Company Limited and maintains a close relationship with numerous other Haulers

Our company utilizes the ASYCUDA platform from the Customs & Excise Division of Trinidad & Tobago for speedy preparation of customs documentation. We apply for all import  & export permits on our clients behalf. TBSL has developed a network of good relations with the various authorities and can clear cargo within 24 hours leading to a pool of very satisfied customers

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